‘Fighting with My Family’

My annual wrestling post takes on a new form this year; there’s actually a decent movie in theaters right now. ‘Fighting with My Family’ dramatizes the real life story of WWE wrestler Paige (whose been forced to retire at 26 since the production of the film). Born into a family of indie wrestlers, real name […]

Song of the Day – ‘You’re Welcome’

  Things have been so understandably serious lately, feels like it’s been a good year since a song choice went into ‘out of left field’… So today is that day.  I’m in that small community who could have told you twenty years ago this guy is a passable singer, now the world knows.  Hear this […]

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

‘Identify what it is you want, and go after it without hurting anybody else. And I’m talking about life as well as the film business.’ – Larry Turman, ‘So You Want to Be a Producer’ I’ve been around too long to believe it will always be like this, but to climb the next rung, to achieve […]

Do Or Do Not…

  Actor. Writer. Director. Producer. End of Production Day. Shot in Culver City, CA by Nathan Richardson. (Also, let me shout out the Rock and Roots of Fight, because, a black and gold Muhammad Ali training shirt had to be the most predictable swagger jack/impulse purchase of my life.) (Coming Soon…)

The Return of the Rock

Time for my annual pre-WrestleMania post… The main event for this year’s event is current poster boy John Cena vs. the last generation’s poster boy The Rock.  So who will win?  The answer is obvious if you know how pro wrestling works… The last true ‘Icon vs. Icon’ match also involved the Rock, when he […]

What’s Next for John Cena?

  I’m good for one wrestling column a year, and Wrestlemania is this weekend, so… The draw this year for Wrestlemania is the return of ‘the People’s Champ’, the Rock, as the host of Wrestlemania (don’t ask what that means exactly, nobody really knows.) Anyway, immediately upon returning, the Rock referenced having a showdown with […]

I Love L.A. – #9 “Hollywood”

  It’s the public image of Bruce Wayne.  It’s the Napoleonic Complex of Ari Gold.  She calls it my ‘smartassness’, but one of my close buddies gave it the best nickname of all: ‘Hollywood’. The ‘Hollywood’ persona gets its roots in the pro wrestlers I looked at as a kid.  Guys like Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and […]