‘Fighting with My Family’

My annual wrestling post takes on a new form this year; there’s actually a decent movie in theaters right now.

‘Fighting with My Family’ dramatizes the real life story of WWE wrestler Paige (whose been forced to retire at 26 since the production of the film). Born into a family of indie wrestlers, real name Saraya is the baby of a family that falls deeply into the stereotype of wrestlers and their fans as a group of gypsies. Lena Headey from ‘Game of Thrones’ plays her mother, it’s fun to see her play a character that’s probably closer to her real life personality than the Queen we all love to hate right now.

The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment is the force that brought this project to the big screen. The product of a wrestling family himself, it’s easy to understand why the Rock was drawn to this. He plays himself in the most literal way here: both as Dwayne Johnson, the amiable big guy everyone loves, and the outsized personality the Rock (and his explanation for finding the way into your wrestling character is one I’ve always loved and found accurate).

Genuinely enjoyable small flick. The film’s story doesn’t connect with WWE storylines until the last ten minutes, so you legitimately do not have to be a wrestling fan at all to enjoy this.


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