Video of the Day – ‘New York New York’

  The past few years, the majority of my volunteer work has been with the Screening Committee for the LA Film Festival.  One of the films I advocated for last year was ‘G Funk’, which gathered most of the living legends of West Coast Hip Hop to talk about how they met each other, how […]

RIP Jim Vance

  The weekend got off to a sad start when I saw Jim Vance died. Reading all the tributes from both DC area friends and journalists, it’s easy to see this was a man who was beloved.  As Bomani said, we should all hope that when we’ve passed on, people come out of the woodworks […]

Time for a Classic…

  One of my East Coast homies was kind enough to let me know the star of one of my favorite YouTube clips just made his 40th anniversary on air this week.  As good as time as any to repost this gem.  My obvious role model for becoming an old black man with an asthma […]

Pay It Forward Friday

Just as there are some of you who stop by on a regular basis to check out whatever is on my mind, I thought today I would pass on three stops on the Net that are always part of my daily routine.  Let’s start with the obvious: 1. YouTube My goodness, what was life like […]