Video of the Day – ‘New York New York’



The past few years, the majority of my volunteer work has been with the Screening Committee for the LA Film Festival.  One of the films I advocated for last year was ‘G Funk’, which gathered most of the living legends of West Coast Hip Hop to talk about how they met each other, how they were inspired/influenced by George Clinton, and their run at the top of the rap world.  The film was selected for the Festival last year (which made me happy), and now I see it’s on YouTube as a ‘YouTube Original’.  So at this point, I can pass this recommendation on to the masses: if you’re in the mood for a trip down memory lane for this specific chapter of hip hop, it’s worth the 90 or so minutes.

I think calling today’s video the ‘best’ of the era is a bit much, but it’s definitely one of the most memorable for good and bad reasons.

Kurupt brought it lyrically though.



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