As you can probably guess, the first thing I do when the nominations come out is look for ‘mine.’  Beyonce got a nom for Best Song (I feel like she’s done this before, Dreamgirls?)  Raisin in the Sun got nominated for Best Made for TV film (fair enough, but that’s been a classic for decades before Diddy remade it).  That leaves Blair Underwood for his supporting role on In Treatment.

Here’s the funny thing though: I don’t feel like complaining.  For one, who comes off the ballot?  30 Rock?  Entourage?  Mad Men?  All good television.  On the film side, there’s Slumdog and Milk, two films I definitely feel belong in the top ten for the year.  Ledger got his nomination for The Dark Knight; I won’t get bent out of shape over that being the only nom for the movie.  Not until the Oscar noms come out anyway…

I was joking about this with an industry friend recently, but we live in a time right now where there’s barely a handful of ‘black’ projects made every year.  And with the economy the way it is, that number could realistically shrink.  Yeah.  This reminds me quite a bit of the early 80s, before I considered the Industry a realistic goal for me.  There’s more of us as ‘celebrities’ now (however you define that), but if your goal is to tell black stories, who would you be looking up to?  Is it Spike?  Is it Tyler now?

Anyway, if you’ve followed my words over the past couple years, you know I try to see as many of the nominated films and performances as I can (especially since the majority of these do become Oscar nominees.)  Now that I have this new ‘playground’, I’ll be sticking my reviews here, so check back over the next few weeks (and months) if you want my opinion on a particular nomination.