Lady In My Life – The Short


Click here to go straight to the Prologue…

The backstory if you’re interested…

Late last year, I was inspired to write my first family film. No cursing, no sex scenes, something I could show my nieces, nephews, godkids, etc. The idea I came up with was to tell the story of a young man, as seen through the eyes of his mother (childhood), his wife (young adulthood), and his daughter (middle age). With that structure, I chose to name the story after one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, “Lady In My Life.” I finished the first draft in January.

In March I decided to get back in the director’s chair, so I came up with a prologue that I would use to help sell both myself as a brand and the specific story I’m telling. With the help of my friends at Through A Glass Productions, I was able to put my vision together.

Then the last couple of weeks happened. If you just press play without any of that backstory, you might see this as a ‘tribute’ piece. And I guess that’s another way to interpret it, but not my original intention. Certainly I was paying homage, but…it is what it is. Such is life (and death).

However you view this, I will say doors have already opened for me as both a director and an actor because of this prologue. The original feature length idea is still making the rounds. In due time.

Anyway, enjoy.


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