Most Important Black Films – #13 Beverly Hills Cop


Originally written for Sylvester Stallone (who would take parts of the original idea to make Cobra), Beverly Hills Cop is universally agreed to be the film that made Eddie Murphy a movie star.  Don’t need much more for the intro, on to the tale of the tape…

Relevance:  In terms of African-American ‘movie stars’ (which I’ll define as people who you can put the name on the top of the marquee and people will show up regardless of the film), that list is still pretty short more than 20 years later.  Denzel.  Will.  I’d argue those may be the only two who can do anything and everybody will show up.  And both of those brothers came along after Eddie Murphy.  Easy to forget now.

Legacy:  Essentially, every one of his starring vehicles after this, as well as every movie starring Chris Rock or Martin Lawrence to name two.  And those are just headliners.  Let’s not forgot about the Mike Epps’ and Bernie Macs who also benefitted. (As a sidenote, I know ALL these guys were inspired by Richard Pryor, but I would argue Rich’s legacy will always be as a stand up comedian who did a few movies.  Eddie was a FANTASTIC stand up comedian who completely stopped doing it once he became a movie star.)

Craft:  All reports indicate that this was one of those films where the script was just kind of ‘there’, and a lot of the best scenes and jokes were improvised by Eddie and the cast.  So does that make it better or worse from a craft point of view?  I could see either side…

Crossover:  Oh yeah…that’s why it’s ranked so high.  The highest grossing film of the year (narrowly beating out Ghostbusters I believe, you fact-checkers are welcome to correct me if I’m wrong on that point.)  It seems silly now, but in the 80s there were ‘three black celebrities’: Eddie, Michael, and Prince.  This film went a long way to putting Eddie in that company.


The countdown continues later this month…

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