The Young Victoria


Emily Blunt has been nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama for her turn as Victoria in The Young Victoria.   Let me start by saying this, if you have no interest in the ‘English period piece’ genre, this film won’t win you over.  If you love things in the Jane Austen vein, you’ll probably like this movie regardless.  Me?  If you didn’t know by now, I live, breathe and sleep movies, and while this certainly isn’t within my wheelhouse as far as genre films go, the Globe nomination meant I had to check it out to what kind of craftmanship we’re talking about.

The highest compliment I can play a movie like this that I normally wouldn’t see is this: when we reached the 100 minute mark (the end), I said to myself “It’s over?”  (in a good way).  The ending was a little on the anticlimatic side, but I get pulled into the world and the characters enough to be invested in the story.  In a story about a real life queen, the actor playing that role has to completely own the ‘center of attention’ factor, or the movie as a whole doesn’t work.  Emily Blunt pulled it off.  At turns vulnerable, sexual, childish, and regal, she was the centerpiece of what I thought was an extremely well cast film.

Haven’t seen any of the other nominees in this category yet, but don’t worry; the nominations just came out this morning.  I’m using the tag ‘globes 2010’ to cover this year’s nominees.  A few of the films I saw when they originally came out; you can check out my initial thoughts on those films/performances by using that tag.

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