‘A Quiet Place’

Thrillers/Monster movies like this, I don’t consider to be my wheelhouse. But the people (box office) has spoken, this one even has a little Oscars buzz behind it, so I had to see it. A few thoughts… So, is Emily Blunt having a year, or is Emily Blunt having a year? I’ve always been a […]

‘Mary Poppins Returns’

So here’s my disclaimer: I have more vivid memories of the Simpsons’ ‘Sherry Bobbins’ episode than I do if the original ‘Mary Poppins’.  In my mind now, the original film is more certain iconic songs and clips than remembering the plot of the actual movie. So, I doubt the new film will become as iconic […]

‘The Girl on the Train’

  Based on the best selling novel, the industry was stunned when Emily Blunt got a SAG Award nomination for ‘The Girl on the Train.’  The question is, is it better than some of the other ‘high profile’ performances that will likely get an Oscar nom in the morning? ‘Better’ is relative obviously, but as […]

The Adjustment Bureau

    I’m a big fan of the movie The Devil’s Advocate, so I was curious to see how The Adjustment Bureau handled it’s take on spirituality (although I’m not sure why these films have to take place in NYC).  I thought the trailer was great when I saw it last year, and the movie […]

The Young Victoria

  Emily Blunt has been nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama for her turn as Victoria in The Young Victoria.   Let me start by saying this, if you have no interest in the ‘English period piece’ genre, this film won’t win you over.  If you love things in the Jane Austen vein, […]