The Adjustment Bureau



I’m a big fan of the movie The Devil’s Advocate, so I was curious to see how The Adjustment Bureau handled it’s take on spirituality (although I’m not sure why these films have to take place in NYC).  I thought the trailer was great when I saw it last year, and the movie didn’t disappoint.

The concept in this version revolves around a young hot shot Congressman (Damon) who has a chance encounter with a beautiful woman (Blunt) that inspires him to give a great speech.  Unfortunately ‘the powers that be’ mess up, and he meets up with this beautiful woman again (when it was ‘preordained’ to be a one time encounter).  And from there, the story takes off with its thoughts on free will vs. destiny, and how much control we have over what happens in our lives.

It’s been said before but I’ll repeat it; Matt Damon and Emily Blunt make this movie come alive.  As in real life, there’s no replacement for chemistry between two people, and from the first encounter between these two, you believe in the feelings between their two characters.  Like Damon’s character, even when you believe in the consequences of how their lives will be altered (another great theme this film touches upon), you still want them to end up together.

The ‘men in hats’ are portrayed in this film by Terrence Stamp, John Slattery (giving us all a Mad Men fix), and Anthony Mackie.  When you can get three past, present and future headliners to play supporting roles, you’re doing something right.

Anyway, thumbs up from me, if it wasn’t obvious.

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