My parents celebrated their anniversary this weekend.  I’ve spent more time as of late thinking about both family and marriage.  Specifically, how my generation and their generation treats those institutions.

On one hand, we get our core values from the people that raised us, right?  So from that point of view, marriage obviously still has a value.  But has that value changed over the years?  As much as we joke and offer our criticisms about it, if people are being more honest today about either avoiding a marriage they doesn’t provide them what they’re looking for, or as some brave souls will admit, not having any interest in marriage no matter what it provides, isn’t it in everyone’s best interests that those folks are honest about it?

I have friends who are great people who would probably fall apart if they were forced into a marriage, and I know some who have been in and out of marriages that destroyed their careers or their financial stability or their familes.  Sometimes all of the above.

For the record, I’m a believer in the institution, even in this day and age.  I’m a romantic by nature, and even when I look in the rear view mirror, I see women who have all added something to the table.  As I think about it, the most important thing each of them has added is that I haven’t been completely turned off to the idea of getting married yet.

Anyway, food for thought…