All I ask for in my action films is a fun ride with some great sequences.  Colombiana delivered in spades; Zoe Saldana should be able to look back at this film with a lot of pride when she’s done.

Is it a ‘B film’?  Sure there were some plot holes that probably could have been cleaned up; I didn’t buy the romantic subplot but understood why it had to be in the film.  But action flicks aren’t trying to win Oscars, so all those things get a pass here.  It’s hard for me to imagine another film that would make better use of both Zoe’s sexuality and her particular style of intensity.  I guess there shouldn’t have been any doubt as soon as I saw Luc Besson’s name in the credits.

Two more side notes: 1) if it wasn’t clear and what I said up top, yes Zoe got the opportunity to headline a movie and she pulled it off.  Bravo.

2) since Blow is one of my favorite ‘not talked about’ crime films, I enjoyed the bit parts played by Jordi Malla (who ALWAYS seems to be the Latin double crosser dude in this flicks) and Cliff Curtis (by far the best fictionalized Pablo Escobar in my opinion).

Anyway looking forward to rewatching this film when it starts its cable run.

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