Star Trek Into Darkness: Part I

  As I started writing this, it became so ridiculously long that I figured it would be best to break it up into two parts.  Today I’ll cover the experience of what my first ‘franchise’ was like… Like any other gig, you get a ‘you fit the description’ notice, you put your name in for […]


All I ask for in my action films is a fun ride with some great sequences.  Colombiana delivered in spades; Zoe Saldana should be able to look back at this film with a lot of pride when she’s done. Is it a ‘B film’?  Sure there were some plot holes that probably could have been […]

Avatar (in 3D!)

  A couple hours now after coming out of Avatar, I have to say I feel like the ‘masses’ on this one:  it was undeniably impressive, but didn’t completely grab me as a filmgoer.  The look of the film and the CGI aspects, I mean, WOW.   The legend is James Cameron waited for the technology […]