Star Trek Into Darkness: Part I



As I started writing this, it became so ridiculously long that I figured it would be best to break it up into two parts.  Today I’ll cover the experience of what my first ‘franchise’ was like…

Like any other gig, you get a ‘you fit the description’ notice, you put your name in for it.  This one was immediately different: ‘Big Sci Fi Project X’ or whatever code name they were using.  You get the call to come down to the Costume Department for a fitting.  OK.  You sign an NDA as soon as you walk through the door, so naturally your curiosity goes up a little more: ‘What big films do I know about shooting in town?’  You go through a hallway and the Assistant Dresser asks you to semi strip down to get your measurements.  OK.  Now I was called in for the ‘Guys in Suits’ group, but getting an up close look at my frame (humblebrag), the Assistant says, ‘No, you need to be in uniform.  Go over there.’  Uniform?  OK.

So it was as I was getting sized up with the other military/cop prototype guys that I get a pin with the emblem on it.  That emblem.  Now keep in mind, we were told not to talk about it, but this was the moment where a few of us made eye contact with each other and made the ‘Oh shit, I’m doing the sequel to Star Trek?  Oh shit, I’m going to be a member of Starfleet?!?’ Face at each other.

The set itself was like any other set I’ve been on, but (as you can imagine) a thousand more moving parts.  The sequence I was part of is an IMAX sequence, so all the main players were there.  J.J. (Abrams) gave us an overview of the sequence we were a part of before handing the actual miniscule directions to a group of Assistant Directors.  For the homies who have been asking me about Zoe, all I have to say is ‘Yes.’  Beautiful face, tiny in physique, ‘one of the guys’.  You come correct, you ‘might’ have a chance.  For the record, I was a couple of rows behind her all day, so our only direct interaction was when she asked for a makeup check, spotted me in her mirror, then asked J.J. ‘Who is that brother in the back looking like a young Denzel from A Soldier’s Story?’  OK, I made that last sentence up, but my vanity believes everything before that.

So that’s the setup for those of you who may be looking for me: IMAX sequence where Captain Kirk is addressing Starfleet featuring all the cast.  I don’t think that spoils anything.

Tomorrow I’ll give you the backstory I created for my character.  (Come on, ya’ll know me…)

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