In my actor/writer/producer cycle, 2016 has been a writing year. But not all that long ago, I was asked to come in and read for a Shakespeare play.  I’ve had a monologue from Othello in my utility belt for years; this was the first time as a professional someone asked to see it. Earned […]

Star Trek Into Darkness: Part II

  As promised, here is the backstory for the character I play (uncredited) in Star Trek Into Darkness: Starfleet Captain ‘Sweet’ Lou Garner: ‘Sweet Lou’ earned his nickname not as a ladies man, but for being one of the best pool hustlers ever accepted into Starfleet.  It is one of the great ironies of his life that […]

Star Trek Into Darkness: Part I

  As I started writing this, it became so ridiculously long that I figured it would be best to break it up into two parts.  Today I’ll cover the experience of what my first ‘franchise’ was like… Like any other gig, you get a ‘you fit the description’ notice, you put your name in for […]