The Artist

I’ll say this upfront; I won’t be remotely surprised if this wins Best Picture next year.  It’s not exactly a genre, but Hollywood loves a well done film about ‘the making of Hollywood’. Sunset Boulevard, Singin in the Rain, and the list goes on.  “The Artist” makes fairly direct references to these and other films. That’s not meant to be a slight at all; this film is probably the most charming movie I’ve seen since Slumdog Millionaire.

Released as a black and white film, and driven by a great sound design, “The Artist” tracks the end of the silent film era and the birth of ‘the talkies’ through its two main characters: the Douglas Fairbanks-esque George Valentin, and up and coming starlet Peppy Miller.  The love story of the film is fairly straight forward; the appeal of ‘The Artist’ comes from three great performances (yes, I’m including the scene stealing dog), a good concept, and exceptional execution.  The fact that it was made by a French director doesn’t hurt either.  Again, not a crack, just saying that it adds to the film’s ‘exotic/outsider’ appeal.

This one was fun to watch, I’m sure we’ll be talking about this one again in a couple of months…

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