I was going to write a review today but I really like Shannon’s review of one of my all time favorites…

Feeling Womanish

Most of us love a good story. And, if you’re lucky, you’ve had the experience of being so caught up in a good story that you shut out everything else that is going on around you. You bite your nails as the tension builds, cheer for the hero, hiss at the villain and ride the ebb and flow of the story until the end.

This movie puts you in the audience with the protagonist, as he listens to a story. And, throughout the whole film, you wide the waves of anticipation with him until the story resolves. And, damned if they don’t deliver a good story. It’s riveting, engaging and convincing.

On to the acting: I’m going to out myself as a Kevin Spacey fan. Now, that’s hardly an exclusive club. I feel that Spacey as a real flair for the subtle and understated. Spacey gets to do the types…

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