Celeste and Jesse Forever



Celeste and Jesse Forever is love, L.A. style.  Written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, the characters are a little more adult than the ones we saw in 500 Days of Summer and it shows.  The title characters have been separated for almost a year but haven’t quite moved on yet…until one of them (in this case the male) finally does.  What separates Celeste from the pack (and you become aware of this quickly if you’re an above average film geek) is this is the rare romantic comedy where the main character…is actually the woman.  It (sadly) feels really different to watch the familiar relationship beats; the post breakup hookup, the soul baring too little too late honesty, the ‘I know you’re upset but don’t start saying shit just to piss me off too’ conversation, from the other side of the table.

A nice debut film from the writers worth checking out if you missed it earlier.  Came out for home release last week.  Looking forward to what she does next.

Until next time.

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