Quincy Jones has had a career and a life that just won’t me duplicated. EGOT.  He opened the door for Oprah to go to the next level.  He opened the door for Will Smith to go to the next level.  Nearly any creative I know would feel like his 90th biggest accomplishment would easily […]


    I didn’t have a song really hit me today, so I cede the floor to the daughter of a musical genius.  Feel pretty good about the standard I’ve been holding myself to since Ramadan, but this is still great advice whether you’re an actor or a human being. Enjoy!  

‘Hot Girls Wanted’

About a year or so ago, we had a vote out here that made it a law that porn stars had to wear condoms during um, work hours’.  So how did they respond?  They moved to Miami and other places without the law. Well played, porn. That’s one of the interesting tidbits you learn in […]

Brave New World

  So let’s start with something Rashida put out there last week: IMHO, the most salient issue in the next decade will be privacy. EVERYONE'S: Man, woman, celeb, not celeb. No question about that… — Rashida Jones (@iamrashidajones) September 2, 2014 We’ve all been talking about this and debating the issue of ‘privacy’ for the […]

Song of the Day – ‘Lady In My Life’

  A few years later, the feature length script for Lady In My Life is done.  Have I written my ‘Annie Hall’?  Am I entering my ‘Woody in his prime’ stage of my acting/writing life?  We will see, we will see. My deadline for getting this done story written has been mostly self-imposed.  One thing I can […]

Song of the Day – ‘And I Love Her’

  A few different angles with this one… Many of you know my affection for ‘Clair de Lune’ and I had planned to fit it into my wedding.  UNTIL, I mentioned this to a friend of mine, who told me him and his wife used it in their wedding.  Hmph!  And I’ve half jokingly been […]

So I Won’t Have to Keep Answering These…

  This weekend went beyond my expectations so we’ll delay the music for a day.  I’d say from Christmas to now I’ve seen 80 to 90 percent of the people I care about, and certain questions keep coming up repeatedly.  So here’s a quick Frequently Asked Questions post for the other 10 percent of you […]

Celeste and Jesse Forever

  Celeste and Jesse Forever is love, L.A. style.  Written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, the characters are a little more adult than the ones we saw in 500 Days of Summer and it shows.  The title characters have been separated for almost a year but haven’t quite moved on yet…until one of them (in this case […]