Song of the Day – ‘Lady In My Life’



A few years later, the feature length script for Lady In My Life is done.  Have I written my ‘Annie Hall’?  Am I entering my ‘Woody in his prime’ stage of my acting/writing life?  We will see, we will see.

My deadline for getting this done story written has been mostly self-imposed.  One thing I can definitely say though: being a capital a ‘Actor’ the past couple of years has GREATLY improved my craft as a writer.  My comedic timing is sharper, my sense for my own sense of humor and which parts of my silliness people respond to is much greater.  Most important I think, working with other actors really sharpened my sense for character and different types of comedic characters can fill out a story.  And hopefully as I continue to develop this story (as I slowly start to put my Producer hat back on), both the heart of the story and the silliness of it will tighten up.

My fondness for Rashida duly noted, I’m looking at an impressive list of actresses who, both as a writer and actor, I think could elevate and bring their own ideas into my story and make it better.  Some are names you all know (which the Producer agrees with in terms of financing), some names my fellow film nerds know (which the Writer agrees with in terms of comedy) and some names only I’m thinking of (as the Actor who knows other people on my level who are ‘ready’ to be ‘overnight successes’ in the right role on the right project). The Producer/Development Executive is saying not to publicize that list though.  As far as guys go though, since (like the short) this is a Kansas City based love story, I think it would be cool to try to get Paul (Rudd) or Jason (Sudeikis) to cameo as the story’s villain/foil.

So I’ll see what the feedback is while I focus on other things for a minute.  I already told a few people close to me, that like the short, this feels like the One I have to take all the way to the end.  I’m excited.

Have a good weekend!


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