So I’m a little more confident in saying I’m in this week’s episode of ‘You’re Whole.’  And here’s why:

My shoot day happened to fall during Ramadan.  I was about a week in as I recall, so mentally (or so I thought) I was prepared.

Get on set, Scene 1: ‘Eat those cupcakes! Drink this lemonade!’

Oh boy…I pantomimed.

Later in the day: ‘Shove as much popcorn in your mouth as you can!’

(mental facepalm)  More pantomiming.

There was also a nice joke involving fishing poles and the ‘commitment to the joke’ bit I mentioned last week.

So having said all that, tune in to this week’s episode of ‘You’re Whole’ – Lemonade, Fishing, and Cupcakes.  4 AM, Adult Swim.