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I was sitting at my desk when an L.A. number I didn’t recognize came up on the phone.

It was the Casting Director for ‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.’  He tracked me down through my IMdB page.  The producers, Michael Showalter and David Wain, had a small part they wanted to fill, and they remembered me from other projects they cast me in, and the part was mine if I was available.

You know my response, but I’ll tell you the why (which is what I told the CD): when I was still in the ‘trying to break into the union’ phase, they gave me one of the jobs that got me over the hump.

So a few lessons/reminders here:

Relationships: ‘The State’ alums are the most famous, but there are a few other people over the years where we’ve done enough stuff together where at this point, if I’m free, I’m going to say yes before I even see the script or know what character I’m supposed to play.  One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard as an actor is ‘You only need five casting directors/producers to fall in love with you to have a career’.  If you’re playing the long game, building five relationships is an incredibly realistic number.

Reputation: I knew these guys respected me, honestly had no idea I did anything beyond being professional to make myself memorable, considering the hundreds of actors they know and I’m sure are trying to get their attention.  Anyway, made it to the set an hour before my call time with my lines memorized, shook hands and spoke to anyone who wanted to talk to me, from the security guards to the extras; a long day for the crew by the time I got there, and I did my part to get my scene (the last scene of the night as it turned out) wrapped in less than an hour.  So no, my lines didn’t make it into the final cut, but no one on set can say I made their jobs harder.  Maybe they’ll remember that…

Growth: I’m smiling as I look at the previous two paragraphs.  When I came to this town, I knew NOBODY.  And I had no playbook on how to conduct myself and treat others in a game where I was/am a complete outsider.  You figure these things out. You endure.  You try not to get too high or too low on any one thing.

And of course, you keep going.



The joke where I debase myself for the sake of comedy didn’t make the final cut.  Pity.  Still…

Thanks Mike!







So I’m a little more confident in saying I’m in this week’s episode of ‘You’re Whole.’  And here’s why:

My shoot day happened to fall during Ramadan.  I was about a week in as I recall, so mentally (or so I thought) I was prepared.

Get on set, Scene 1: ‘Eat those cupcakes! Drink this lemonade!’

Oh boy…I pantomimed.

Later in the day: ‘Shove as much popcorn in your mouth as you can!’

(mental facepalm)  More pantomiming.

There was also a nice joke involving fishing poles and the ‘commitment to the joke’ bit I mentioned last week.

So having said all that, tune in to this week’s episode of ‘You’re Whole’ – Lemonade, Fishing, and Cupcakes.  4 AM, Adult Swim.



Probably the last TV gig of this calendar year (onscreen at least).

I was brought back for the second round of ‘You’re Whole’, the fake infomerical series directed by Michael Showalter and starring Michael Ian Black.  Last go round I earned my union card playing an ‘Astronaut’, this go round I’m one of the audience members in ‘the studio’.  So probably more screen time but I’m not a featured player this time.


There’s an unscripted bit that me and Michael Ian Black did that absolutely killed while we were shooting.  Again, on this side of the camera I don’t see the finished product any sooner than you do (for the most part), so it might not be in the final cut for a variety of reasons.  Either way, after it was done, Showalter told me it was one of the best pieces of TV comedy he’s done, and coming from one of the minds behind ‘Stella’ and ‘Wet Hot American Summer’, that compliment meant a lot to me.

So now that I’ve stroked my ego enough to start the week, go ahead and set your DVRs.  4 AM this week on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network).

I updated the ‘That Guy’ section when it aired, and realized I didn’t post the infomercial spoof I’m in here on the main page.  So this is how we’ll start the week.

If you didn’t see it before, enjoy:


You’re Whole


Alright gang, here’s one of the projects I had the honor of being a part of.  Insomniacs be ready to stay up, the rest of you, set your DVRs…

Late tonight (or early Tuesday morning if you prefer) on Adult Swim will be the spoof infomercial, ‘You’re Whole’.  The show was created by Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, for those of you who are fans of The State, Stella, and Wet Hot American Summer.  Even in my bit role as ‘Astronaut #2’, I was honored to be cast, and a little starstruck (to be honest) when I saw who else was on the call list.  I owe those guys my ‘card’ so this one in particular will always carry some weight for me.

So that’s tonight at 4 AM (I warned you) on Adult Swim.  Check your boy out.