Probably the last TV gig of this calendar year (onscreen at least).

I was brought back for the second round of ‘You’re Whole’, the fake infomerical series directed by Michael Showalter and starring Michael Ian Black.  Last go round I earned my union card playing an ‘Astronaut’, this go round I’m one of the audience members in ‘the studio’.  So probably more screen time but I’m not a featured player this time.


There’s an unscripted bit that me and Michael Ian Black did that absolutely killed while we were shooting.  Again, on this side of the camera I don’t see the finished product any sooner than you do (for the most part), so it might not be in the final cut for a variety of reasons.  Either way, after it was done, Showalter told me it was one of the best pieces of TV comedy he’s done, and coming from one of the minds behind ‘Stella’ and ‘Wet Hot American Summer’, that compliment meant a lot to me.

So now that I’ve stroked my ego enough to start the week, go ahead and set your DVRs.  4 AM this week on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network).