Song of the Day – Brotha



I was content to sit back and chuckle at the Onion for trying to make a joke (which is what they do for a living), and of the 10,000 possible angles they could have gone with, they chose the worst.  What this week taught me more than anything was they don’t have any sistas (or probably brothas) high enough on the food chain who saw that joke and said ‘Do you know what’s going to happen as soon as you put that out?’  Some people were probably going to be put out you tried to joke on the kid regardless, but come on Onion…

Anyway this morning a sister who works around me brought her daughter in with her this morning.  The little girl could easily have been Q’s age; she still had that innocent, wanting to explore the world optimism that most of us haven’t lost yet at that age.  And even though I didn’t know this child from jump, that natural paternalistic instinct just kicked in.  We all have it to various degrees, but I know both of the dominant cultures that shaped me foster it (and that’s what the Onion didn’t catch onto until after the fact).  You go after somebody’s kids (and somebody in this case meaning the children of a community), well…

Getting long winded so let’s get to the song.  This video was WAY ahead of the curve in acknowledging how completely different we all are while falling under one umbrella.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day – Brotha

  1. Wow, Malik! Haven’t heard that song in forever. Thank you. And, as always you’ve got mad writing skills.

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