Timing is everything huh?

So here’s the superficial reason for tonight’s post: you can watch me put another notch on my ‘That Guy’ belt Sunday night when I’m a guest star on Nick at Nite’s ‘See Dad Run’.  The episode, ‘See Dad Play Hard to Get’ was written by my friend, the lovely Lisa Parsons, and I was happy to be involved.  So yeah, career wise I’ve hit ‘Randy Watson’ status.

Really though, I have to end the week paying tribute to two people who had a tremendous influence on me pursuing my passion.  First the name you all know…

We all knew Roger Ebert has been having health problems for awhile, but still when the news came through today that he passed, it felt terrible.  I’ve seen enough comments from the rest of you to know you didn’t have to be a film geek to appreciate what Roger Ebert mean to American cinema.  I’m only going to speak for myself here, but every film review you see on this site is a direct ripoff of his style, because it’s a style I grew up admiring.  Don’t judge a movie by what you want it to be, look at what it’s trying to be and then critique if it’s pulling that off.  (And yes, there’s a bigger, obvious ‘real world’ metaphor you can pull out of that.)  Our National Film Geek Emeritus has passed, and much like his syndicated show, a lot of us film lovers will throw in our two cents but none of us will ever be him (or Gene Siskel.)

On a personal note, the woman who brought me to Los Angeles, Kathy Fogg, passed late last week.  The Mother of the Peter Stark Program.  If you passed through that program, that’s all you need to say.  Kathy saw my craft and ambition and gave me my first (and by far most important) break.  All of us have some version of this story, but Kathy was the one who took the most interest in us personally.  I was 21 when we met so I wasn’t remotely there yet (shut up Aaron), but I give Kathy and the women of my class alot of credit for at least planting the ‘Inception’ seed in my head of what I wanted my life to be like away from ‘Hollywood’.  Kathy always had a nice compliment about whatever project I was doing, but I think she’d really get a kick out of hearing me talk about family and marriage and love and all that good stuff.  Alas.

Anywho…my episode of See Dad Run airs this Sunday at 8 PM Eastern on Nick at Nite.  Check local listings.