One of my favorite people I follow through social media (to absolutely no one’s surprise) is Chuck D.  He doesn’t say something daily, but when he gets on he drops serious gems (to absolutely no one’s surprise).

Anyway, there was one thing in particular he’s said recently that I’m repeating here (since I’ve already caught myself passing the concept on to fellow artists).  Truth be told though, you can (and probably should) apply it on a broader sense.

Figure out who your core audience/group is.  And if it’s smaller than you what ultimately want, be cool with it.  No, be more than cool with it.  Treat your core better than you treat your family; you find someone or someones who will support you through every project, or read every post, and learn all of your songs, or whatever it is that you do, and love them accordingly.  Whatever degree you ‘cross over’ should be from people finding something attractive in what you’re already doing and respecting your differences.  But people’s tastes change like the seasons: today you’re the ‘It Guy’, tomorrow you’re old news.  Enjoy it when it’s your turn (and I do believe that somewhere along the line, everyone gets at least the opportunity to be ‘the Guy’), but unless your actual objective is to be ‘the trendsetter’, find comfort in what will always be there for you (if you take care of it).

Now go hug somebody.