Song of the Day – ‘Dolly My Baby’



In retrospect, one of the best things that happened to me in college was getting ‘owning a nightclub’ off my bucket list before I even heard of the term.  I didn’t own it, per se, but the year I was president of the Frat, we started ‘co-hosting’ Thursday night ‘parties’ at this spot called L.A’s. (How ironic right?)  Same as our regular Saturday night parties except as opposed to the on campus joints, at L.A.’s you could legally buy all the liquor you wanted.  And mannnnnnn, that place became the spot!  Our K-State brethren heard about it and started coming down, then fools from K.C. and Topeka started coming, and I do mean ‘fools’ and that was that.  (I was long gone from the scene by that point but all the stories I hear about that last night still crack me up.  I plead the Fif.)

Anyway, I was normally trying to be Mr. Cool in the spot since it was my party (and it would have been my ass if the shit that eventually went down would have gone down on my watch), but the one song I could never resist trying to get my grind on for was this one.  I’m pretty sure for those of us outside of New York, this was our introduction to Biggie as well.  Enjoy:

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