Hope everyone had a nice holiday.  I’m still on my ‘Eight Days a Week’ kick; probably my life for the forseeable future, so I’ve come to accept it.

I did however, find a couple hours to see what my people on Twitter renamed ‘Star Trek Into Darkness starring the Prince of Gotham.’  As someone with no knowledge beyond Abrams’ first movie, I thought it was another solid popcorn flick.  There was one plot point I found to be very ‘ehhhhh’, so I can at least understand why my friends who are Trekkies have continuity/Universe problems with it.

I’m guessing everyone is looking forward to Man of Steel next.  I make playful jokes with Superman fans, but if the last trailer is any indication, the possibility of a very interesting, modern angle seems to be in play now.  And even though he’s only the Godfather/executive producer here, with the work he did in telling my life story, of course I’m giving Chris Nolan (and by extension Zack Snyder) the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.  Not the film I’m most looking forward to…

My film geek cup runneth over quite a bit at the moment processing the end of Scandal,  a getting better again Mad Men, and a soon to be returning Breaking Bad all demanding my complete attention (to detail) as a viewer.  So I’m slightly surprised to say I kind of want to see This Is the End, the new James Franco/Seth Rogen stoner flick.  Sometimes you need that junk food where you just don’t have to think at all for a couple hours, what can I say?  But even that’s not the film I’m looking forward to the most coming up.

It’s Fruitvale Station.  The picture above is of Oscar Grant, do a quick Google search if you want to know his story.  You couple that with the continued rise of Michael B. Jordan, who a lot of us have watched grow up, both literally and as an actor on The Wire and Friday Night Lights.  I know in this game (as in life) you can’t really make somebody want what you think they can have (hear me out people), but I know I’m one of many who wants to see this kid get his shot at a long career.  

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Fruitvale Station: