I’m one voice of many at this point so I’ll just drop a few non spoiler points about what I liked and didn’t like about the Superman reboot…

  • No connection to any of the previous versions.  Acted like this was a brand new story.  Good call.
  • Extraordinarily biased but seeing Clark sport Jayhawk and Royals gear at different points was a nice small touch.
  • The casting of the parents.  Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe. All aces in my book.

Now what I did not care for…

  • Almost unavoidable with the Boy Scout, but the fight scenes pulled me out some.  They already looked video gamey, but then they just ran long.
  • The destruction of Metropolis was inevitable, but it still felt a little too 9/11-ish to me.
  • ‘Welcome to the Planet, Clark.’  (major eye roll)

Overall though, I think they’re off to a good start.  Now that the foundation is laid down, let’s see where they go with the sequel.