My life at this moment is something like this ‘Work…then go to work…then schedule time for the side projects…and a little me time…try to piece back together a social/personal life of some type…and if I’m lucky…I get a couple hours of sleep.

Today my brain hit one of those ‘breaking points’ where I needed a reset: minor car accident, computer acting janky, unexpected bills coming…blech.  It was one of those days where all morning I almost WANTED somebody to slight me so I’d have an excuse to just unload some of my frustration on somebody else (which isn’t right of course, but I’m being honest).

Anyway in the middle of my rage, ‘Something’ came through my headphones.  And I immediately started melting.  Nothing will top my film geekdom, but if you come here regularly you know music is clearly my second love.  This video is a couple years old but I think it nails it perfectly.

(And a happy Belated Sir Paul!)