Overdue or right on time, but I needed to update a few things to reflect where I’m at specifically on the road.  So…

Here, on this site I added a few new photos to the ‘Where Do I Know You From?’ page and the latest project that’s already made it to air…

And for the ‘masses’ I finally added a fresh coat of paint to my IMdB page.   Photos from the various TV and films, some publicity stills, some of me in ‘director’ mode.  I believe in time (if not already) it has a feed that will lead you to my tweets and back here as well.  Nifty.

So if you’re so inclined, you can ‘like’ that page by clicking that little Facebook button on the right side:


And as far as the ‘buzz’ machine goes, click me one step closer to Don and George and Jon and all the other lead/character actors you see me emulate.

The music returns tomorrow.  Probably.