A Little Shop Talk (Cadillac)



Everyone (especially in this line of work) sees the finished product, but depending on the ‘method’ used, there are a lot of different decisions made on the way to getting on the stage, getting in front of the camera, or getting behind the microphone.  Today I’ll pull back the curtain ever so slightly to give a little insight that goes into the craft of creating something…

Some of you are aware that I’ve spent more time lately in the recording booth.  In terms of acting, it’s not an insult to say that ratio wise it can be the least amount of man hours for the most amount of profit…if you find your niche.  So let’s start with the Will Smith Legend: he wanted to be a ‘movie star’ so one day x number of years ago he looked up what the top grossing movies were and chose scripts that mimicked that.  Whatever you think of him now, that plan definitely worked out for him.  But let’s get back specifically to doing voice work.

So what kind of products do the guys I emulate promote?  Let’s take a listen:

Well…alright.  George brought the thunder with that one, didn’t he?  And it’s ‘Jeep’ and they’re selling themselves as ‘the Best’, so in that case, you probably want to have more of a tone like ‘I’M A MAN DAMMIT!!!!’ in the way you deliver it.  That chip on your shoulder style is not really ‘my’ style though.  I was thinking what comes natural to me is more relaxed.

So what’s Don Draper sell in real life?  Well…

There it is!!!  ‘Hey, you’ve worked hard.  You’ve earned this.’  Nothing to prove, just enjoying life.  Well done, Mr. Hamm.  So that’s the baseline.

So when it came time for me to pick a spot, I wanted to blend my natural, laid back intellect and confidence with a product that you would really believe ‘Malik Aziz’ would use (so something nice, but not necessarily ‘blue blood’ nice).

Here’s what I came up with:

That’s just a demo obviously, so don’t y’all be hitting me up for free Caddies and what not.  And while we’re here, thank you to my brother Amir for the sound editing and the SAG Foundation for letting me use their booth.

So there’s a general outline of one process for one specific project.  Hope you got something from it.

Class dismissed.

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