Nothing political to start this week.

For my initial Comic-Con trip, I didn’t get to that many panels, but one of the panels I got to experience was for the new Fox show ‘Sleepy Hollow’ (starting tonight on Fox).  If you’re a football fan, you’ve certainly seen the promos.  Brought to you by the guys who did Star Trek, the premise is as high concept as it gets: Ichabod Crane has ‘somehow’ been transported to present day.  The pilot does a better than you would expect job of explaining how all this comes to pass, including introducing his relationship to his modern day partner in crime, played by the lovely Nicole Beharie (who most of you know from 42.)

As I alluded to, the pilot has to cover a lot of backstory, but it finds a way to be scary, funny, ‘supernatural’, and overall entertaining while setting the table.  If you’re into sci-fi, it’s worth checking out to see if it falls in your wheelhouse.

Have a good Monday.