Funny how quickly things change.

The past couple years when I’ve worn my Chiefs hoodie around town, I’ve been straight clowned.  It let everyone know where I was from, and the real sports fans respected me for representing my team when we were, with no argument, one of the worst teams in the League.  Beyond that, I’ve heard every cow town and farm joke I need to hear for the rest of my life (not counting all the loser jokes).

So yeah, at the halfway point, things are different right now.  Respectful nods in the grocery store, people gauging if I’m the vengeful ‘That’s right! We’re the best team in the league’ battered kid, or I’m the cautiously optimistic ‘Yeah, we look good, it’s nice to be relevant again’ type.  (There’s your answer to that question).

Anyway, the first time(s) I heard today’s song were on the Sundays/Mondays we got to go to Arrowhead and cheer the team on.  I haven’t been back in a couple of years so I don’t know if they still use it.

Anyway, start the week off right.