Tonight’s theme is this quote from Robert Evans: ‘A friend is someone with whom it is possible you can be silent.’

I had one of those pleasant surprise phone calls from a friend this morning.  We talked about where we’re at, where we’re going.  Family, kids, career, the whole nine.  We tried to keep track of where all of the old crew is these days.  Over the long weekend, Thursday especially, I either touched base or traded jokes with most of those people.  Having time to unpack (mentally) drove home the point more than normal: over the course of a lifetime, you meet a ton of people, and out of the group, there’s going to be a certain number who you’ll (hopefully) leave behind with a good impression.  And when I say leave behind, I only mean that in the physical sense.  So when the time comes for you to hang out again, you can laugh about the old times and be happy and proud to see what they’re doing on their own.

I was driving home Wednesday night after a ‘bad’ meeting.  Feeling annoyed and (to be truthful) still completely wound up from the Grind.  I was turning at a major intersection when the car two spots in front of me was turning.  From the other way someone ran the red light and BAM!  Full speed collision.  I’m…fairly confident that no one died, but it was obviously one of those ‘but for the Grace of God’ moments.  All my petty anger washed away almost instantly.  My car and I made it home in one piece.  And that was the prologue for ‘my allergies acting up’ a little bit on Thanksgiving when the texts and calls started flooding in, some expected from people I talk to all the time, but more than a few from folks who I care about but with guilt I knew I hadn’t checked on them in a good minute.  The footprint you leave in people’s lives, even if it’s not always intentional.

I was at the Coliseum when my phone started blowing up about Paul Walker dying.  Sad, shocking.  I try not to leave anything behind in my close relationships, but man, to be gone at 40?  Even the most committed ‘live every day like it’s your last’ folks thinks that’s extremely young.  So we start this week not with the most upbeat posts, but with the reminder, ‘Live to the fullest, have as much fun as you can.  But make sure you love your people hard.  You just never know.’