I won’t try to use any single quote or group of quotes to describe the man’s legacy.  I would encourage you to do your own research, learn about the man’s life, read his works and speeches to understand why today we lost one of the true ‘world leaders’ of our lifetimes.

I can’t help myself though so I will echo this point: the man was imprisoned (which you know) in the 1960s for standing up to his native government against laws he felt were fundamentally unjust.  Just keep that in mind, in comparison to what was going on in this country at the exact same time period. Along those lines, consider the parallels between him and Muhammad Ali, our own ‘living legend’ who is almost universally popular today, but in his prime; the acts and actions that drove him to be seen as a great social activist.  Just saying.

So on that note, here is his cameo at the end of Spike’s film.  Even at this point (so the story goes), he wouldn’t allow Spike to film him saying the final four words cause he was all too aware of how his enemies would spin it.

You’ll never be forgotten Madiba.