A New Day

The way post Ramadan 2019 played out, the decision to no longer give up social media this month was made a long time ago. I don’t think any of you would accuse me of arrogance when, in our current state of affairs, I had to think about what I actually have left to give up. […]


  Taking stock of the past twelve months… For the first time (within one calendar year), I auditioned as Othello, Dr. King, and Malcolm X for different stage productions across town. Malcolm came post-November, and it was ‘Nation of Islam Minister Malcolm X’ at that.  I would have given Denzel a run for his money […]


  First, Kaepernick.  Don’t have much to add here.  My father, uncles, cousins, good friends are all veterans so I’ve always stood for the national anthem out of respect for them.  But if the man doesn’t want to do it, and he’s expressed why he doesn’t want to do it, I’ve been there too.  And […]


Deep breaths. That was my initial reaction when it occurred to me how much Arabic I have forgotten over the years.  It’s one (admirable) thing to commit to breaking your bad habits; it’s another thing altogether to really wrap your head around how much work you have in front of you. So, the Buddhist influence […]

The End

Relieved. Way back when, I was an intensely serious child.  Most everyone admired me for it, in different ways.  I was intelligent.  I was curious.  I was ‘angry’, in the sense I was fascinated by all the whys and hows of what brought all of us to where we are.  I was an avid student […]

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

‘Identify what it is you want, and go after it without hurting anybody else. And I’m talking about life as well as the film business.’ – Larry Turman, ‘So You Want to Be a Producer’ I’ve been around too long to believe it will always be like this, but to climb the next rung, to achieve […]

‘I Am Ali’

  I Am Ali is the newest documentary on one of the Great American lives.  The early great ones (When We Were Kings) gives you an insight into his athletic greatness, last year’s fantastic The Trials of Muhammad Ali finally broke new ground on analyzing his role in the politics of his time.  But just, as a man, […]

Do Or Do Not…

  Actor. Writer. Director. Producer. End of Production Day. Shot in Culver City, CA by Nathan Richardson. (Also, let me shout out the Rock and Roots of Fight, because, a black and gold Muhammad Ali training shirt had to be the most predictable swagger jack/impulse purchase of my life.) (Coming Soon…)

Fight Week

  Not looking at the outside world to start this week, but looking inwards. Been building something for awhile now, and this week will be the payoff.  (I’m not being overly cryptic to be a jerk in this circumstance; rest assured I will share it with all of you when the product is finished.)  I […]

‘If They Say, Why? Why?’

Let’s enjoy this peace, for however long it lasts… As I’ve been rolling over in my mind, not how, but why I’ve been enjoying this really long period of complete harmony in all phases of my life, the one word that comes to mind is: transparency.  When all this started, sheer necessity demanded that I […]