‘The Trials of Muhammad Ali’

  Alright, let’s start here.  I fully acknowledge I’m WAY too invested emotionally in this one.  So I’m not going to try to tell you this is the ‘best’ of the several great Ali documentaries.  It’s easily one of my favorites though. And why?  Because THIS is the one that finally tries to go into […]


  I won’t try to use any single quote or group of quotes to describe the man’s legacy.  I would encourage you to do your own research, learn about the man’s life, read his works and speeches to understand why today we lost one of the true ‘world leaders’ of our lifetimes. I can’t help […]

An Appreciation – Muhammad Ali

  Last weekend, there was talk that Muhammad Ali’s health was quickly fading.  The man is the definition of an icon: a great in his chosen profession with a likability and an authenticity that attracted the world.  You didn’t have to be a Muslim to pause when we thought Ali was about to expire, but […]

Inspirations – Black History Month Edition

  Every Ramadan, I pick up my Qu’ran and read it from cover to cover.  And every February, I pick up my original copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X and read that from cover to cover.  As I’ve noted before in this space, it’s the single book that has had the most profound effect […]

The Movement

During one of my recent courtships, I was asked the ‘life’s ambition’ question.  While the answer hasn’t really changed much, the method has changed slightly, and at least publicly, I’ve never acknowledged how much my religious background plays into my ‘lot in life.’  Since many of my readers come from outside my religious background, I’ll […]


  The first time I recall scaring my mother I was still in elementary school.  I was straight A student, running for class president, pegged as ‘one of the good ones’ by church and family.  Anyway, I remember making a comment along the lines of “being on top of the world and still having nothing.”  […]