Fight Week



Not looking at the outside world to start this week, but looking inwards.

Been building something for awhile now, and this week will be the payoff.  (I’m not being overly cryptic to be a jerk in this circumstance; rest assured I will share it with all of you when the product is finished.)  I haven’t been this dialed in with my full skill set in a long time (possibly ever), so there’s already something of a victory in that knowing (internally)  my passion still burns white hot when I sense the opportunity.

I’m also (as my fellow sports fans know) naturally competitive, so as much as I sincerely love watching and rooting for peers to succeed in their individual careers, there’s still very much a voice inside of me that’s always saying, ‘That was cool.  Now, look at what can do when I put myself out there.’  My ego is not a ‘That guy is in the spot I’m supposed to be in,’ but more of a ‘There’s a spot in the Machine tailor made for me if I can position myself into it.’  (You’ll have to tell me down the line if that statement is still too vague or perfectly expressed.)

So what can I tell you specifically about the project I’m building toward?  Working on a new title since the working title gives away some of the biggest jokes.  So yes, film wise I’d consider this more of an all out comedy than anything I’ve done before.  A lifetime building personal and professional relationships has made this possible.  Begging doesn’t suit me, but we all need help sometimes, and every business runs on calculated risks.  All continues to go more or less to plan, you’ll see it before the end of the year.

Ninety percent of the research, the planning, the coordinating is done.  I can allow myself to start thinking as a ‘creative’ again; I can look forward to solving new ‘in the moment’ problems with the people I’m working with.  My signature is all over this, but…I guess I can find moments in between bringing my vision to life to have a little fun.  I guess.

Not much more to say.  Time to make the donuts.

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