This is starting to feel like a year from the 70s.  A lot of really good films, but they cover a lot of different territory.

American Hustle is the ‘fun’ film, and 12 Years a Slave is the ‘important’ film…but if you wanted to make the case that Gravity is the ‘most cinematic film’ (and the Producers Guild seems to feel this way), that argument can certainly be made.

Sandra Bullock headlines here as an astronaut who, when disaster strikes and she’s left all alone (in space!), must find a way back to Earth.  By ‘Oscar film standards’, the film moves really fast at under 2 hours, and the story is paced out really well.  Every time the audience is led to feel, “OK she’s suffered enough, now get home,” something else (literally) comes flying at Dr. Stone.  There’s a nice supporting turn by ‘the Movie Star Who I Shamelessly Copy His Style and Merge with My Own Individual Identity’, but this film belongs to Sandra Bullock.  I had access to watch this at home, but everyone who saw it when it came out told me to see it on the bigscreen so I waited until I could do that.  Yeah, definitely feel it was worth it.

Blanchett has been winning the awards so far, but I wouldn’t be completely shocked if the Best Actress race isn’t over just yet.