Philip Seymour Hoffman


Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman-1527808

When I started on the path that I’m on, I was told to put into a sentence ‘who’ I wanted to be.  That sentence with minor edits was ‘A guy who can be anything from the 2nd to 5th player in a blockbuster/genre piece, but who can easily be the headliner in a smaller, character driven ‘indie’ project.’

So with that sentence, you know the guys I admire as ‘character leading men’.  Jeffrey Wright. Don Cheadle. Gary Oldman.  And the great actor who died today.

Today was a double stomach punch, the Actor and the Film Geek is disappointed he won’t see any more Philip Seymour Hoffman performances.  Some of you are still putting the name to the face, but if you’ve watched movies in the past 25 years, you know the face.  And you’ve watched his posture, his cadence, his accent; all the different types of research character guys love to do when they get a new project and can create a role from the inside out.  I hear he was equally amazing on stage; sad to say that’s something else I want to get experience seeing him do.  It would seem his demons caught up with him, even after he fought them off for awhile.  Very sad to hear.

I’ll leave you with this, one of his most memorable performances.  You get:

a) the endearing Beta who needs the approval of the Alpha

b) the ‘this is getting really creepy really fast’ stalker

c) the shocking ‘I apologize…but only because you’re upset since I really want this to happen’ desperate lover

d) and the sympathetic ‘being friend zoned by someone who you have a one way love affair with’ lonely man.


Rest in Peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman. You will be sorely missed.


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