Short Term 12 Brie Larson and Keith Stanfield

There was a little movement to get Brie Larson an Oscar nomination for Short Term 12.  I get why it didn’t happen; this particular year I don’t know who you make a strong case for ‘not being worthy’ of the five women who did get nominated.  But this performance should lock her in as one of the ‘go to’ young ladies who should be getting more opportunities when we make our various short lists of who are the women who can carry a movie (still a ridiculously small number, another conversation for another day).

Based on a short film and an award winning screenplay, Short Term 12 tells the story of a group home counselor, guiding and mentoring the troubled youth who come through her facility, while at the same time, dealing with her own major personal demons.  In the lead role, Brie gets to play so many angles: extremely maternal, extremely vulnerable, sensitive at one moment and really cold hearted the next.  A lot of working actors have trouble hitting any one of those notes; she nails them all.  Keeping up the ‘this has been a really good year for American film’ theme going round, Short Term 12 should put her on a track similar to Michael B. Jordan.  Her time might not be right now, but it’s coming.