Pay It Forward: Issa Rae



So here’s my ‘pay it forward’ for this week.

The finished piece never went live, but a few of you know I already knocked a huge chip off of my ‘black film geek’ bucket list this year when I auditioned for and was cast in a short by Issa Rae and her production company.  The details of that short I’ll keep close to the vest (since you never know, it may go live at some point and I’ll need to really promote it at that time), but over those couple of days I got to chat with Issa a little bit and (very thankfully because you never know in this town) I wasn’t disappointed.  Very, very cool; very down to earth and funny, and you know, just down.  Like some other people you may know if you’re here reading this space.  So hopefully in due time I’ll get to work with her again, and as I build my thing maybe she’ll be part of my future projects.

For right here and right now though, she’s in fundraising mode, and the least I can do is use whatever cosign abilities with all of you to encourage you to support Issa’s vision and help out if you can.

The link to the Patreon page is here:

Tomorrow, we get back to the music…

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