Going to be a fun couple of weeks.  I think…

All the ducks look to be lined up to wrap up one of my projects this week.  Which is good but I can’t stop stressing about it.  Only now do I realize where the stress is playing itself out; even if my plan is cruising along nicely, the other parts of my life are still a little chaotic at the moment.  Haven’t meditated all week, my whole routine has been out of whack to the point where I’ve been eating fast food like, twice a day for the past week.  My whining will stop there, other than to say that if next time you see me on camera I look less like ‘Streetcar’ Brando and more like ‘Don Juan DeMarco’ Brando, trust me, that wasn’t my original plan.  Life gets you like that sometimes.  The trade off is over the weekend I figured out how to add my trademark ‘Malik’ touch to the story I’m telling next, so as long as everything stays on course…I think those of you who like the stories I like to tell will not be disappointed by this scene.

For now though, a little more family time.  A little more work. More problems to solve between ‘here’ and ‘there’…

Have a good week.

Here I Go!