I don’t know what the young people call it these days, but when I was a young pup, the term we used when someone went into ‘playing yourself’ mode was ‘caking’.

You all know me here.  I’m a big believer in love.  I write love. I preach love.  I act love.  I produce love stories.

But, you also have to recognize when your efforts aren’t yielding ANY kind of reciprocation.  Happens to the best of us sometimes.  When you’re just adamant to not recognize it, or you’re ‘doing too much’ (I know I’ve heard that fairly recently), then you’re a damn cake.

So we’ll start the weekend with one of the king cake songwriters of my lifetime (and I say that in the least shady way possible), Babyface.

‘Whatever you want, it’s alright with me.  (It’s alright with me baby…)’


‘It’s better than love, sweet as can be!’

Hold on player, how is it better than love?  Isn’t falling in love the point/destination?  Slow the hell down!  Damn creep!

Have a good weekend everybody!