‘St. Vincent’



Some roles and movies feel like they would only work if one person played the lead role.  It’s hard for me to see anyone but Bill Murray as the title character of this film.  As in ‘Lost in Translation’, the role of Vincent comes across a lot as in alternate universe version of Bill Murray.

Vincent when we meet him is a cantankerous, smart ass alcoholic and degenerate gambler.  He doesn’t really change all that much by the end of the film to be honest.  This is one of the stories where the ‘why he turned out this way’ and the details of who he is beneath are what make it memorable (so you can imagine how much a movie like this appealed to me).

The cast is rounded out by great actors: Melissa McCarthy playing against type as the straight man to Murray’s jokes.  Naomi Watts playing against type as the low class, knocked up Russian love interest.  Terrance Howard playing against type as the Shady Black Guy with a Nasally Voice.  OK, 2 out of 3…

But a must see film regardless for everyone who worships at the Temple of Murray…

2 thoughts on “‘St. Vincent’

  1. Good point about the alternate universe Murray. I think most actors channel a certain percentage of themselves into their roles. Murray perhaps more than most.

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