‘Theory of Everything’



Based on Jane Hawking’s book, ‘The Theory of Everything’ is the love story of Stephen and his college sweetheart.  Eddie Redmayne gives a knockout performance as the brilliant physicist who most of us know only from our image of him in his current physical state.

Felicity Jones plays Jane and (in my opinion) the story of the movie is truly hers.  When he’s given two years to live, she defies her family and marries him anyway.  When his body starts to betray him, she’s there through every operation.  When Homewrecker McGee from ‘Boardwalk Empire’ shows up, she holds onto her marriage until they both realize it’s over.

I’m not a science person, but the God vs. Science subplot in there was also laid into the story well.  And especially in the courtship part of their romance, there is some outstanding cinematography.  Solid craft all over, it’s a worthy Best Picture nominee.

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