Here and Now


For me personally, the greatest benefit to being old (so far) is the end of overthinking.  There’s a big difference between a) analyzing all the options and taking action and b) being paralyzed by all the possibilities and letting ‘the Moment’ pass you by.

So, for whatever name you give to it, the process of being ‘present’ at all times has become both an enjoyable and necessary part of my life.  That doesn’t mean I’m happy all the time (far from it).  But 90 percent of the time? Which is spent acting, writing, producing, keeping the bills paid, clowning around, flirting?  Sure, I’m pretty good.  I’m definitely one of those people where I can say adding meditation to my daily routine has made a huge difference and making me ‘stop worrying’ and just ‘be’.

Now, the other 10 percent of the time?  When I hear about some black kid gunned down or some young Muslim couple getting blasted over a parking spot?  Well, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t let those emotions own those moments either.  Don’t let the smile and calm demeanor completely fool you.  When the time comes, I will do what I must…

Taking everything into consideration though, I do feel everything is where it’s supposed to be right now.  I’m excited for you to see what’s already in the can.  I’m excited to tell you about what’s being worked on when the time is right.  The future is very bright.

Here and now, let’s take a moment to appreciate we’re still here, and everyone and everything that has attempted to destroy us has failed.

Carpe Diem.

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