‘My Scandal Audition’


(cutting and pasting this opening from yesterday; if you already read it you can skip ahead to the backstory…)

The family and friends don’t get to see the millions of middle steps in between ‘here’ and ‘There’ so today’s posts are for you…

Here’s the ‘why’: NBC and the American Black Film Festival run a competition called ‘the Star Project’ where the non movie stars among us can audition for the network as an opportunity to get to ‘There’.  Seven monologues to pick from, you (should) pick the two that you have the most connection to.

Now I will take a page out of Denzel’s book and say I’m not really inclined to go over everything I research to go from being myself to whoever I’m trying to be ‘in the moment’.  But for entertainment’s sake as much as anything else, here’s a little backstory to give you some context of what you’re watching:

In this episode of ‘Scandal’, I’m introduced as Jay Hawkes, a lobbyist for the ‘Leave No Child Behind’ Initiative.  Olivia and I had one of those perfect ‘four day’ relationships at a regional Black Student Union conference as teenagers, but we were teenagers going to different colleges and we lost touch (since we’re of the generation that didn’t grow up with social media), and haven’t really thought about each other in years.  So as she’s strolling the halls working on the Case of the Week, she has one of those ‘Wait, how do I know that voice?’ and she turns around to see…

Enjoy! And have a good weekend!

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