Song of the Day – ‘Proud Mary’


I never got into ‘Mad Max’ as a kid, so I’m kind of indifferent about the one about to come out (much as I think Tom Hardy can do very little wrong as an actor).  I do remember Tina was in it though.

I’ve never crossed paths with her, but her ex?  Yeah.  I was catching a flight to Houston for a family thing.  Gorgeous sister sitting a few years in, beautiful in that way where it would be weird NOT to look her way.  And I clean up nice for plane trips (one of my little rituals) so she returned the eye contact.


So it’s not my most famous ‘run in’ with a member of the Old School giving me the stank eye, but I tell you from personal experience, when Ike Turner hits you with that stank eye…

Anyway, enjoy!

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